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Saturday, February 04, 2006


VeriSign & the DNAME Controversy

In a post to ICANN's GNSO Council list, Nominating Committee appointee Sophia Bekele asks:

"The DNAME may be an ok solution from a technical point of view, as each current TLD can have equivalent TLD domain names in ALL languages, IDNs in ALL languages pointing to English domain names, but would present a greater issue from a the perspective of policy, politics, control, competition etc. ... Without being a cause for WWIII, how could we resolve the issues of 'why should Verisign have .com in all languages? Don't they have half the domain names in the world already?"

Sophia's questions echo those of the Intellectual Property community; Monika Ermert from Intellectual Property Watch similarly notes:

"Another key question is whether a DNAME concept would privilege incumbents like VeriSign. For .com, for example, the Chinese version is already deployed. “The root of a conflict has already started brewing with the fact that CNNIC [the Chinese country code registry operator, responsible for .cn] has decided to offer .com and .net in Chinese, and has apparently cut VeriSign out of it,” said Ram Mohan, CTO of Afilias, registry operator for .info, .org and several ccTLDs).

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