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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Shoving an ICANN RALO down Europe's throat

Annette Muehlberg of ICANN's At-Large Advisory Committee has posted an article to her blog entitled: Alarm: New European At-Large structure without participation? Annette decries the current effort to shove a RALO (Regional At-Large Organization) down the throats of the European community. Although serious objections have been raised by European At-Large representatives such as Jeanette Hoffman and Wolfgang Kleinwachter, the ALAC's chair Vittorio Bertola seems determined to foist this ICANN monstrosity upon an unreceptive community that refuses to participate in its development.

Annette states: [translation] "Participation could be exhausted here in selecting representatives, who select again representatives, who participate again in a committee, which may become only an advisory body. Bureaucracy lives!"

Additional commentary at metablocker.

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