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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


OK to discuss, as long as no action is taken

Contributions to the Internet Governance Forum are starting to arrive. The latest is from the government of Canada that states: "Canada would like to re-emphasise that the IGF is to provide a platform for policy discussion, not for the development of policy."

Great. Just what we need. More talk with no action. The Coordinating Committee of Business Interlocutors (CCBI) and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) produced a similar statement:

"The IGF as a venue for discussion as well as the bureau should not engage in producing any decisions or substantive work products other than those related to the operational aspects of the IGF. It should rather focus on how best to facilitate the exchange of vast amounts of information on key issues that are being produced around the world by many stakeholders."

I'm somewhat surprised that ICANN hasn't yet submitted a contribution. I guess they're just too busy "listening".

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