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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Objections to Renewal of .AERO

Edward Hasbrouck writes:

[Excerpt] SITA has not complied with material terms of the sponsorship agreement specifically those related to openness, transparency, and decision-making procedures in Section 4 .2 of the agreement and Section 2 of Attachment 23 to the agreement, as well as those pertaining to representativeness by the sponsor of the sponsored TLD community.

SITA's claim in its renewal application to have complied with the terms of the .aero sponsorship
agreement is clearly false, and appears on its face to have, necessarily, been knowing and deliberate.

These are not minor, innocent, or inadvertent breaches of contract by SITA. These are breaches of the most fundamental rules for the exercise of decision-making authority delegated by ICANN, continuing years after they were brought directly to the attention both of SITA and ICANN, including ICANN's Board of Directors.

Accordingly, I request that ICANN's agreement with SITA for sponsorship of the .aero TLD not be renewed, and that ICANN implement improved procedures for oversight and enforcement of TLD sponsorship agreements.

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