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Sunday, February 19, 2006


No More Anonymity in .us Namespace

In a stunning blow to anonymity rights on the Internet a judge has ruled that the NTIA may continue to prohibit proxy registrations in the .us namespace. From the pcpcity.us website:

Peterson v. NTIA:

"On the hearing of this date, the federal judge denied the Plaintiff’s motion to enjoin the NTIA’s termination of proxy registrations. According to an informal report, the Plaintiff’s attorney was permitted to speak only in response to question by the judge. The judge then read a lengthy and pre-prepared ruling. That judge ruled

(a) that the Plaintiff does not have injury-in-fact because he posts his name on his website and his address can be found, [not factually true] and
(b) that under the public contract exception to the Administrative Procedure Act, NTIA was not required to give public notice and allow comment regarding its decision to prohibit proxy registrations.

The judge also suggested (though it is not sure if he ruled) that the government has a compelling interest in disallowing proxy registrations."

In view of this ruling against proxy registrations, it will be interesting to see what action, if any, ICANN takes with respect to anonymizing services (proxy registrations) in the remainder of the gTLDs.

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