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Monday, February 06, 2006


Marilyn Cade requests meeting with ICANN Board

The Business Constituency's Marilyn Cade has proposed a special Council Meeting with the ICANN Board; her request:

Dear Vint (with copy to Paul, Kurt, John, and all Board members)

The gNSO Council reminds the ICANN CEO and Board of the resolution sent to the Board during the Vancouver ICANN meeting, and requests a conference call between the Board and the Council to discuss continuing concerns. We ask that the call take place before the conclusion of the public comment period on the proposed .com Registry Agreements and in sufficient time for the Board to take into consideration the discussion with the Council.

The Vancouver Council resolution reads:

"That the ICANN Board should postpone adoption of the proposed settlement while the Council fully investigates the policy issues raised by the proposed changes"

The gNSO Council is advancing that investigation. At its January 17, 2006 meeting, the Council further discussed the areas of policy concern, and voted to request an Issues Report related to the policy concerns raised in the constituency statements.

Subsequently, on January 29, 2006, a revised set of documents were posted by ICANN, including a newly revised Proposed .COM Registry Agreement. At present, the Council is discussing with Policy Staff, and the General Counsel, various ways to address the policy areas that have been raised by the constituencies and the community that are of concern to gTLD registry agreements, including those in present discussion within ICANN or posted for public comment. The discussions with Policy staff and General Counsel are ongoing at this time.

In parallel, and not subject to the outcome of that discussion, the GNSO Council requests a conference call or meeting with the Board and CEO/President to discuss the gNSO Council's continuing concerns and views.


Transmitted on behalf of the GNSO Council

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