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Friday, February 03, 2006


Laughing at the ISPCP Constituency Statement

There are some constituency statements that go so far in the pursuit of a hidden agenda that their stated "conclusions" are laughable -- such is the case with ICANN's Internet Service Providers Constituency, a group that closely aligns itself with the ICANN Business Constituency. Consider for example the following two "conclusions" that this constituency has reached:
  • By any reasonable measure -- market share, number of names registered, percentage growth -- the introduction of open, unsponsored names failed to add any competition at the registry level.
  • Any new gTLD proposal should be sponsored.

In the first quarter of 2005 according to zooknic research, .biz had 1,087,952 registrations while .info had 3,333,660. Meanwhile the .travel registry (a sponsored domain) announced that the current number of registered domains after only 16 weeks, averaging 1,000 domain names per week, almost tops that of all other Sponsored Top Level Domains combined, including those that have been in existence more than five years.

The ISPCP would have you believe that somehow the 32,000 total registrations for all sponsored gTLDs is somehow more "competitive" than the over 4 million registrations accumulated by the recent unsponsored gTLDs.

The ISPCP and the Business Constituency have an agenda to push. Seven of the top ten Telcos worldwide are members within these two ICANN constituencies. They have no desire whatsoever for new top level domains to thrive and to potentially pose a risk to their telco operations --- who do you think is behind the lobbying that has made sure that a .tel gTLD (that promotes free VOIP) hasn't yet come into being? These players will push to hamstring gTLD development by putting forward one ridiculous statement after the next. Their intent is clear; their agenda is clear.

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