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Friday, February 03, 2006


The latest Business Constituency Position Paper

Phillip Sheppard has authored yet another Business Constituency Position Paper -- this one takes as its subject matter the 2005 round of new sponsored top-level domain names. Phillip is known for his consistency and as such continues to rehash the same old set of arguments that have been discounted and dismissed by others for years... but it is what we have come to expect from a constituency that is so warped by the Telco agenda that it can no longer argue coherently.

Consider the following ridiculous statement: "sponsored TLDs establish competition with .com because they provide TLDs that have an identity: companies are provided an incentive to migrate to the sponsored TLD to take advantage of a form of brand identity within their sector."

Total registrations for sponsored TLDs (.travel, .jobs, .post, .mobi, .aero, .coop etc.) are low. How low, you ask? So low that half of one day's worth of registrations for .com is more than all the registrations for all these sponsored TLDs combined. To argue that "sponsored TLDs establish competition with .com" is a joke. While we agree with Phillip that "the criteria for “sponsored” and “sponsored community” would benefit from further clarification", we see no redeeming value in pushing a category of TLDs that has such limited value to the broader Internet community.

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