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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Joe Sims & the VeriSign Settlement Agreement

CircleID has posted a well-written article by former ICANN CEO Mike Roberts entitled "The Villain in the ICANN-VeriSign Struggle is the U.S. Government". The article is followed by equally intriguing commentary from Karl Auerbach and by former outside ICANN Counsel Joe Sims who seems to be in the thick of the current VeriSign-ICANN negotiations.

Joe writes: "So there are multiple protections built into the agreement against exploitation of registrants—not perfect, because the market for domain name registrations is not perfectly competitive, but in our judgment sufficient under the circumstances."

One has to wonder whether it was Joe, rather than VeriSign, that initially proposed the seven percent price hike for .com registrants. But that aside, more important is the question as to whether Joe has been influencing ICANN Staff to pursue a course that sets ICANN squarely in the role of a regulator that acts on periodic price increase requests. Readers are reminded to review the article, "What Joe Sims Doesn't Get" by David Johnson and Susan Crawford (a current ICANN Board member).

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