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Thursday, February 02, 2006


The ICANN Snails

In preparation for the upcoming GNSO Review, ICANN Staffer Liz Williams on the first of December distributed a simple half page form to the GNSO constituencies and requested feedback by Friday December 16. We're now into February and some constituencies haven't even gotten started filling it out. By way of example, note the commentary a few days ago from the NCUC Chair:

"Dear NCUC people,
On Dec.19, 2005, I posted this request from GNSO to ICANN constituencies, and, except for a comment from Kathy, I have received no help regarding filling out the questionnaire so far. Suggestions?"

By the way, the form is not that tough to fill out -- here it is -- decide yourselves:


1.1. Provide a copy of the Constituency Charter
1.2. Provide a copy of the Statement of Operating Procedures
1.3. Provide a full list of current (2005) and past (2002-2004)constituency members
1.4. Provide a statement which identifies membership fees and any membership conditions
1.5. Provide a statement of how often the constituency meets;
.... by which method (face to face or teleconference);
.... how minutes are produced;
.... and whether those minutes are publicly available
1.6. Provide a statement which sets out how constituency positions are reached and the voting methods within the constituency (include whether there are weighted voting patterns)
1.7. Fill out the following tables to show demographic statistics on the basis of the full list of constituency members

# of Members % of Members
Latin America/Caribbean Islands,
North America

Gender Distribution of Members; Gender Distribution of Council Reps


2.1. Provide a statement showing how the constituency gathers opinions about policy development processes; include in particular, how the constituency develops position statements on policy issues
2.2. Provide a statement showing how many issues papers or position papers the constituency has issued since 2003
2.3. How long does it take before GNSO Councillors are presented with a constituency position to give to the GNSO Council


3.1. Describe the constituency election procedures. For example, how nominations are called for and seconded; how elections are run (on-line or physical meetings)
3.2. Document the candidates for each election and their geographic regions include Nominating Committee representatives)
3.3. Show whether the election results are publicly available

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