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Sunday, February 26, 2006


ICANN Manager of Public Participation to be Hired

The following correspondence has been received subsequent to a complaint filed with the ICANN Ombudsman concerning ICANN's failure to fill the post of Manager of Public Participation as required by the bylaws:

Thank you again for having contacted the Office of the Ombudsman with your concerns about the post of Manager, Public Participation at ICANN. You have indicated to me that as your are a member of ICANN's public, and therefore, you feel that you are a person directly affected by decisions or actions by ICANN concerning this position. Based on that personal interest, I have conducted an investigation under the authority given to me through Bylaw V.

I have made enquiries with ICANN Executive Staff, and others, to determine whether or not there has been any action, decision, or inaction which would be an unfairness to you or the overall community.

Based on my review, I can inform you that is my opinion that while the post has been vacant for a period of time that this fact alone does not constitute a violation of The Code of Administrative Justice.

Based on my investigation I can inform you that, while it is perhaps regrettable that any staff position would stand open, that there have been active steps taken by ICANN to review staffing requirements for this post, to look at resumes on hand, and to take the opportunity to define and re-craft the job description for the position, based on the operational experiences.

I can also inform you that my review has indicated that much of the work of the Manager, Public Participation has been ably and competently carried out by various members of the ICANN staff in the interim.

I can find no evidence that there has been any intentional decision which would negatively impact or delay the staffing of this post. In fact, I feel comfortable in informing you that the staffing and selection process should be underway in the near future. Please do check from time to time at the ICANN Career Vacancies page found at http://www.icann.org/general/jobs.htm.

If you do not see the job posted on this site within the next 28 days, please feel free to re-contact me and I will follow up within ICANN.

Again, thank you for contacting the Office of the Ombudsman with your concerns.

Best regards,
Frank Fowlie

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