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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


How DNS Policy is Produced

You might wonder how substantive DNS policies are formulated at the constituency level; the following outlines the process used by ICANN's Internet Service and Connection Providers Constituency:
  1. The GNSO inaugurates a policy development process for new gTLDs on 2 December 2005
  2. The constituency finally announces the PDP a month later on 4 January 2006 and requests comments
  3. Three more weeks go by... no comments are received
  4. With four days left before comments are due, the constituency Secretariat dredges up an earlier Cross-Constituency (BC-IPC-ISCP) paper
  5. Over the next three days, three constituency members make a few minor corrections
  6. No constituency vote is taken
  7. Although ICANN Bylaws require a clear statement of how the constituency arrived at its position and a list of all members who participated or otherwise submitted their views, no such documentation is offered
  8. The constituency statement is submitted without even considering the GNSO Terms of Reference on new gTLDs

Policy deliberations at the constituency level have reached an all-time low. To be fair to the ISCPC, it's just as bad (if not worse) in almost all of the other constituencies. Let's see what happens when the independent evaluation of the GNSO is produced. Stay tuned for yet another whitewash.

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