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Monday, February 06, 2006


GNSO Council Squatters

If one takes a look at the representatives on the ICANN GNSO Council, one can't help but notice the same set of names over and over and over again. Let's consider the case of Antonio Harris from the ISPCP Constituency. Tony has served in consecutive terms since May 1999. Unfortunately, the articles of the constituency prohibit such matters, but hey, what's a few broken rules among friends (especially when the constituency is down to less than a handful of members):

"NC Representatives may not be elected for more than two successive periods. Following two such periods, re-election is only possible after an intermediary period of one year even if a different organization appoints her/him as Delegate."

As it pertains to these "Articles", the observant might also note that the ISPCP has never submitted a new Charter or Statement of Operating Procedures as required by the Transition Article of the ICANN bylaws:

"Notwithstanding the adoption or effectiveness of the New Bylaws, each GNSO constituency described in paragraph 2 of this Section 5 shall continue operating as before and no constituency official, task force, or other activity shall be changed until further action of the constituency, provided that each GNSO constituency shall submit to the ICANN Secretary a new charter and statement of operating procedures, adopted according to the constituency's processes and consistent with the New Bylaws, no later than 15 July 2003."

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