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Monday, February 06, 2006


GNSO Council Snubs ICANN General Counsel

Bruce Tonkin, Chair of ICANN's GNSO Council writes:

At the GNSO Council meeting today, the Council decided to initiate the Policy Development Process (PDP) to examine the policy issues that have been raised by the GNSO constituencies as a result of their review of the proposed .com agreement. During the Council discussion on this motion, it was clear that Council members were considering the broader policy issues that apply to all gTLDs, and were not considering issues that only applied to .com. A terms of reference will now be developed, and submitted for vote during a Council meeting on 16 February 2006.

The following motion was passed by a supermajority vote:

"Council resolves to initiate a Policy Development Process in line with it's 17 January 2006 request for an issues report the intent of which was to address the broader policy issues raised."

Vote: 19 votes in favour, Marilyn Cade, Philip Sheppard, Grant Forsyth, (CBUC) Ute Decker, Kiyoshi Tsuru, (IPC) Tony Holmes, Tony Harris, Greg Ruth, (ISPCPC) Robin Gross (NCUC), Bruce Tonkin (2), Ross Rader (2), Tom Keller (2) (Registrars constituency), Maureen Cubberley, Sophia Bekele, Avri Doria (Nominating committee appointees), (18 votes)

Kiyoshi Tsuru voted a proxy in favour for Lucy Nichols (IPC) who was absent. 6 votes against, Cary Karp (2), Ken Stubbs (2), June Seo (2) (gTLD registries constituency) 1 abstention Mawaki Chango (NCUC) 1 person was not on the call and did not provide a proxy, Norbert Klein (NCUC)

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