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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


EURid Press Release

From the eurid press release:
Europe’s new Internet domain “.eu” today got 71 235 new applications in one hour

Today at 11:00, EURid – The European Registry of Internet Domain Names - opened its systems to receive applications for .eu domain names from anyone within the EU claiming prior rights to a certain domain name. Since early December it has, in principle, only been possible for trademark holders and public bodies to apply. Some 900 registrars are now sending in the applications they received from numerous candidate domain name holders all across the EU.
During the first 15 minutes after 11:00 today EURid received 27,949 applications. After an hour, at 12:00, the number was 71,235.

At the .eu status page you can follow the development, updated every 15 minutes.

Please keep in mind that EURid is, at this time, only accepting applications from holders of prior rights and public bodies. From April 7, it will be possible for anyone within the European Union to apply for any available domain name. During this initial phase, often referred to as the Sunrise period, EURid only allows holders of prior rights to apply.

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