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Friday, February 03, 2006


Corruption in ICANN's GNSO

From the Conflict of Interest Declaration by the Business Constituency's Marilyn Cade:

"I speak frequently as an expert at business and professional conferences that are held both in the US and in other countries and am usually remunerated for such events. Such remuneration does not in any way make such entities clients, nor imply client obligations... From time to time, I may have clients who have a direct policy interest in a particular policy area. At present, two clients that I advise have an interest in reserved names in gTLDs. As my business’ clients and their interests change, I will continue to update my statement of interest."

My hackles are raised when I hear that GNSO Councilors are being paid by clients to advance specific policy objectives. There is clearly a role for paid lobbyists within our institutions, but we should not tolerate having our elected representatives at the receiving end of bribes. Ms. Cade was elected by her constituency and given a trust. That trust has been violated by accepting renumeration from clients with business before ICANN. Ms. Cade should tender her resignation before the stink of her action further pollutes an already sullied body.

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