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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


CORE writes to ICANN director Palage

Hi Mike,

I think the settlement agreement is what concerns all of us registrars. In that respect I have several requests:

- please ask the Board members to *carefully* study the aspects and importance of this decision. I know that some Board members are not even aware of the competition issue..

- I have to advise to treat staff information with care. Staff will recommend to sign the deal. In our teleconf with staff we were not able to learn why they have this position. I feel that staff was not prepared for the settlement negotiation and certainly did not negotiate a good deal, see

- All Board members should study all posts on the public comment forum. Yes, this will take 3 hours for everyone to read. But the importance of this matter should be enough justification. For the reason mentioned above, I would not rely on a summary prepared by staff. Also, if there is a simple pro-against count, the numbers will not be accurate due to the paid lobbyists on the forum, see

- I invite you to use my pro-con summary, which I think expresses the view of (not only) the registrars

In short, the biggest danger we face is an uninformed decision or a decision that relies on misrepresented information. ICANN's own mission statement calls for well-informed decisions.

PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT EVERYONE IS WELL-INFORMED. If you feel that some Board members are not up to speed, ask them to work on it. This is a crucial test for ICANN. We must not fail because of misinformation.

CORE Council of Registrars

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