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Thursday, February 02, 2006


Constituency Statements Posted, Almost

The ICANN GNSO Constituency Statements on the introduction of new gTLDs have been posted:
  • ISPCP -- arrives with a note that in December and January the ISPCP considered the issue (even though no comments were made during 56 out of the 60 days that the PDP was in progress)
  • NCUC -- arrives with a note that it is "nearly" a consensus position (although only four or five members out of 40 were involved in discussions)
  • IPC
  • Registrars -- arrives with a note that "This document only reflects the comments of the participants and is not an official position of the GNSO Registrar Constituency or necessarily of its membership"
  • Registries
  • BCUC -- still not posted -- but since the constituency has had no teleconferences in the last two months, nor has posted any website messages regarding this PDP, it shouldn't take them too much longer to invent a constituency statement (we're told that Philip Sheppard is drafting the BCUC position).

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