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Saturday, February 04, 2006


Complaint Filed with ICANN Ombudsman

As reported on the General Assembly Discussion List:

This complaint pertains to inaction on the part of ICANN Staff and the lack of oversight on the part of the Board to ensure compliance with the organizational bylaws.

On 15 December 2002, the ICANN Board ratified the "New Bylaws" which resulted from the 2002 Evolution and Reform Process. Article III Section 3 of those bylaws [Manager of Public Participation] stated: "There shall be a staff position designated as Manager of Public Participation, or such other title as shall be determined by the President, that shall be responsible, under the direction of the President, for coordinating the various aspects of public participation in ICANN, including the Website and various other means of communicating with and receiving input from the general community of Internet users."

Although the bylaws have been revisited and modified on seven separate subsequent occasions, this above-cited language remains intact within our current set of bylaws.

ICANN still has no Manager of Public Participation even though ICANN Staff has made a series of new hires over the course of the last three years. The most recent set of Staff appointments (none of which was required by the bylaws) are posted at this URL: http://icann.org/announcements/announcement1-23nov05.htm

At this time, the Manager of Public Participation position is no longer cited on the ICANN Career Opportunities page: http://icann.org/general/jobs.htm

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