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Friday, February 03, 2006


ALAC Meeting Agenda Posted

Vittorio Bertola, the chair of ICANN's Interim At-Large Advisory Committee, has posted the agenda for the ALAC's next teleconference:
  • New gTLDs (incl. staff briefing if possible)
  • Other policy issues (IDN document...)
  • Pending ALS applications
  • Update on RALO building efforts
  • Update on website
  • Update on Wellington

You'll note that the outrage of the .com registrant community that faces a pending price hike is nowhere to be found in this agenda -- good job of listening to the community Vittorio!

... but members of the ALAC will be able to treat themselves to an update on EURALO progress. To give you an idea of the actual movement on that particular front from the at-large structure perspective (the folks that are actually supposed to be involved in building their own structure) we can take a look at the comments submitted to the EURALO forum by the certified at-large structures (ALSs).

The EURALO website tells us: The process to establish the Europe RALO is underway. A draft set of principles has been prepared for the European user community's consideration. An online space for comments kindly been supplied by ISOC Belgium. Europeans involved in "At-Large groups" and interested in ICANN At-Large are asked to review the document and submit comments through this space by 15 February.

"This Space" reveals that other than comments made by Vittorio Bertola, only one other member (toka -- who is probably ISOC Finland's Tommi Karttaavi) has bothered to comment on the establishment of the European RALO. For all intents and purposes, it appears that the ALAC will attempt to push through the formation of this EURALO without the support and/or involvement of the actual member structures just so that they can state that they have finally established a RALO.

When will the ALAC realize that people will not willingly participate in a fraud? Consider, for example, the remarks of Jeanette Hoffman:

"It seems the EURALO structure is driven by the fear of capture. This is the wrong approach since it prevents meaninful participation. This whole debate reminds me very much of the early discussion about the At Large structure. Read again the papers written by Izumi and others. They gave all the arguments why a structure like the one you are proposing will never fly. I also agree with Wolfgang's last point recommending that you withdraw the draft and start again. In any case, I would not join the EURALO as currently planned."

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