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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


.aero renewal: two different registrar perspectives

Two slightly different perspectives on the .aero renewal request are to be found in the comments of two registrars:

This renewal proposal requests modification of the registry agreement to allow the registry to develop alternative distribution channels outside of the regular registrar accreditation policy and to allow SITA to deal directly with the registrants.

This is a puzzling request in that the registry operator is free to undertake the development of any distribution channels it wishes to within the bounds of the current registrar accreditation policy. Specialized distribution is necessary to deliver different services to different market segments - but this does not mean that registrar accreditation policies should be waived. The original registrar accreditation policy was implemented to ensure not only a competitive environment as the registry operator points out, but also to ensure a stable, predictable and secure environment that met the requirements set out by the Internet community, the White Paper and ICANN's policy development process. SITA has incorrectly assessed accredited registrars as a homogeneous distribution channel leading to an assumption that the current service failures are related to the distribution channel being used. Given that any organization that qualifies may become accredited to act as a registrar, it also stands to reason that organizations with the skills SITA views as necessary for distribution of .aero registrations could become accredited.

SITA should be encouraged to develop a specialized distribution channel - one that will presumably see new specialized registrars become accredited in order that they meet the technical, financial and operational requirements set forth by ICANN. but ICANN's implementation of the Registrar Accreditation policy in this sponsored TLD agreement should not be changed.

Regarding SITA's request to deal with the public directly, this request should be granted, provided that SITA create and implement plans to ensure that the obvious internal conflicts of interest are avoided and that the registry can provide equal access to all registrars, including its own, without favoring any specific one (especially its own).

The Go Daddy Group:
The renewal proposals of SITA and Musedoma include requests to waive the requirement to use ICANN accredited registrars. We believe it would be inappropriate to grant these requests.

The use of non-accredited organizations could endanger the stability and security of the domain name system that the ICANN was formed to protect. The ICANN must maintain the ability to formulate and enforce policy and standards regarding the registration system.

The registrar accreditation process is not daunting or complicated. The fact that the accredited registrar community has grown by over 300% in just over a year is evidence of that fact. If either Registry Operator feels the need for additional distribution channels, it can well be
accomplished within the established accreditation standards.

SITA also requests the ability to offer registrations directly. This is something that we would agree should be considered on a case by case basis for Sponsored Registry Operators and only if it can be accomplished within the established registrar accreditation framework and established principles of non-discriminatory conduct by Registry Operators.

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